Here is a list of titles I am working on. Post a comment here if you want to see one before another.

  • Waking Up /  Remembering Who You Are
  • Walking the Path
  • Letting Go
  • Making Good Choices for You
  • Free Will
  • Life’s Purpose
  • the Human Experience

I will also be delving into some subjects people find a little controversial, like:

  • Going Inside Yourself
  • Religion vs. Spirituality
  • Fear of Death
  • Looking Towards the Light

Many of us just need a little nudge along the way, so there will be a set of books to help, with titles such as:

  • Stepping Off the Treadmill
  • Taking Control of Your Life
  • Understanding the Business World
  • Setting the Right Priorities
  • Happiness is a State of Mind
  • Someday Never Comes

and for those who are looking for a more spiritual bent towards discovering their mission in life, we will have titles such as:

  • You are a Master Creator
  • Chakras Explained
  • Twin Flames and Soul Mates
  • Karma and the Future
  • Anything Is Possible

So post a note and tell me which one to write first!



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